Key Features Of Norton 360 Service UK


Norton 360 Service is a combination of proactive threat protection, computer tune-up tools and automatic backup tools in one extensive version of the solution. It safeguards your personal computer, mobile phone or laptops from any kind of threats and viruses.

Here are some of the key features of Norton 360 Service UK:

  • Keep Your System Up-to-date

Norton 360 service automatically send you the notifications for available system and feature updates. Thus, you can keep your system up-to-date always and enjoy the latest versions before anyone.

  • Online Threats Are No More A Subject Of Worry

Once you have installed the Norton 360 protection service, you need not worry about any online threat. The 360 protection service remains proactive every time and blocks any threat at once which can harm your system in any way.

  • Notifies You For Any Scam Insight

If you are browsing online and any incoming threat is visible, the Norton 360 Service at once notifies you about the threat. It keeps a regular check on every website you visit, any application you use for any kind of scam and thus safeguards you from any theft or damage.

  • Monthly Report Gives You A Better Insight

Norton 360 service provides with a monthly report which consists of all the minor and major details of what the Norton 360 service has done throughout the month. You can a better insight into what were the websites which could have harmed you and how the service has stopped any of the threat.

  • Free Tech Support Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number UK

Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number UK is perhaps the most important feature that this service provides. You can contact Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number UK at any time and any day and get your issues resolved only on a phone call. If you want to connect to the Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number UK, you can call at +44-(0)20-7616-5600. This service is available for 24*7 and the agents will assist you with any help that you are seeking.

  • Power Saver Settings Also Available

This feature has the best outcomes so far. The power saver settings offer you a tool which can maximize the battery life of your phone, laptop or personal computer. This feature puts all the non-critical activities on off mode when not in use and thus restricts the quick drainage of battery.

  • Data Theft Is Not A Risk Anymore

norton activation reviews every single website, application etc. for a security check. If it suspects any doubt or threat it immediately blocks that particular item and does not allow it to reach your data. If it finds the website or application safe to be used then it tells you that you can provide them with your personal information. Thus, it reduces the risk of data theft and safeguards your data and identity.

There is a long long list of the features of Norton 360 security service. But the above-mentioned features are some of the major key features of Norton 360 service which makes it unique from any other security service provider.

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