Norton Chat Support not available with Basic version


There are four versions of Norton Antivirus system, which users can purchase and these versions include basic, standard, deluxe, and premium. The basic version comes with basic features while the premium version has most advances features. The company also provides norton setup uk to the customers who purchase the software other than the basic one. The basic version protects the system from malware and malicious URLs. It also filters spams so users will not receive any such mail, which is spammed. The basic version performs poorly in case of phishing attacks. When the scan is dine for the first tome it is slow but later, it scans at a fast pace.

Number of systems covered by the basic version

The basic version can be run on any operating system but one subscription can only be used for one device. So for separate devices, users have to purchase several subscriptions. There are many other features which users get with the basic version like spam filter, protection from different types of malware etc. Norton chat support does not come with the Basic version

Limited Tech Support

Users will get limited tech support if they purchase the Basic version. The Help Center will provide the facility of running diagnostics. If this support does not work then, nothing can be done as Live support is supported by other version. Users cannot use Norton chat support also in this case. The Norton Virus Protection Promise is not applicable for the subscribers of basic version.

User interface of the software

The interface of the Basic version includes a white color window with black text and green buttons. There are panels to show the various types of status. Users can click the panels to find various other options related tom the panel.

Features included in the latest edition

There are many features added in the basic version of the latest edition though users will not be able to see them. The new features include enhanced protection against the attacks, which are based on scripts. Along with this, protection against crypto currency attack and fake tech support scams can also be found.

Live update

Users are suggested to run the Live update after the installation is completed. There can be more updates, which will be installed and users will have the latest version of the software. If there are one or more browsers, users should open each of them and install Norton Safe Search, which will help them to be safe from dangerous search results. Norton Password Manager can also be installed on the browsers, which comes with many advanced features.

Wrapping Up

Users can us the Basic version to protect their devices from various types of attacks and keep their personal data safe. Hackers are always there to attacked system and steal data but the antivirus will not let them to access the device. Users should always update the software to get protected from the latest attacks.

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