Norton customer support
6th January 2019

Norton Customer Support

Our customer support service helps you out in many ways. It is not important every customer having the same issue or having issue related software. There are several other services which the Norton customer support provide in its services like product description, general information, internet issues support and other quarries related to the key of the product etc. These all services are available 24×7 as we not want to lose our customer trust on us. Norton is a large-scale company; trust of the customer on the company is such a big deal. Service to the customer represents the standard of the company. If there may be theft of ID may be there you can call the customer service support to sort it out, by giving your details to our customer care executive. Finally, your problem must be resolved.

General information support

If you want knowledge of the product and offers availability you can call on our general information support. Basically, this support is for providing information about the docket number, Courier not received or for submitting the issue related to the product. You can also buy our product by calling our general support.

Internet issues support

There is a variety of internet issues, while you are using our products online. Internet support helps you out to sort out the internet related problem, even you can get there help in using the software in online mode. I do not have knowledge of our online products, and you want to take backup of private data online. You can easily call over internet service or may also chat online in over website. You will get online assistance from them. Just perform properly the same steps when they are explaining to you the way of resolving the problem. There is some other internet related issue like in our antivirus there is an option of parental control and internet security. Parental control is for the safety children’s so they are not being able to see any adult content online. Internet security is a kind of a filter; this will show the secured sites only and give you a warning. if really want to use any harmful site you can surf it on your own risk. If you want any brief knowledge about this you can call our internet support team any time.

Technical support

The technical team is similar to the internet security team, but they are much knowledgeable than the internet security team. They are the well qualified IT graduation holders; they will help you in sorting out the entire problem. Even, if the problem is related to your PC’s configuration and settings. They can sort it out anyhow.

Technical support you will get from our team of two different verities. First, you can get assistance online from our online technical support service. As well as you can get door service of our executive also, you can get door service only; if there is a failure in online technical support. So the conclusion is that we are not leaving your hand until the must be resolved by our support team.

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