Norton security support to shield your computer from all kinds of malware and virus


Norton internet security is quite a well-known brand that has established itself in both domestic and international market with its high quality Norton security support and customer service. They offer a number of packages and consumers can choose one ranging from $39.99 to $79.99 as per the requirements of their device. Here is a guide explaining what you can expect from Norton support when it comes to the safety of your device.

Choosing the right package:

Norton security support offers three standard packages which are Norton internet security package which is offered at $59.99, Norton 360 Version which can be availed at $79.99 and comes with the benefits of file repairs and drive defragmentation and finally, Norton antivirus 2008 version for $39.99 which is the most basic version.

According to the experts, the internet security package which comes at a reasonable rate of $59.99 is best suited for domestic use since it offers coverage for up to three devices in the household. Moreover, it comes with in-built spyware detection and antivirus. The two-way firewall within the program is useful in preventing unauthorized access to the various harmful webpages.

This security package comes with an antispam as well as parental control so that you can customize how much your child can use and view the computer. As a result, you can rest assured that your child does not get access to any kind of inappropriate content available online. This package from the Norton security support is compatible with both premium and home editions along with the business versions.

Features that you can’t ignore:

This security package from norton internet security uk offers email scanning features from SMTP and POP3 along with the instant messenger for AOL, MSN, Trillian Instant Messenger and many others. This internet security also offers a brilliant phishing protection from all kinds of online activity though it is compatible with just 2 web pages at the present which are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. So, if an individual is presently using GTalk or Opera or Google Mail or Netscape, then he will have to wait a bit until this feature becomes available on these platform.

The Norton security also provides security from online identity theft by shielding the system from the attackers and hackers. There is an anti-spyware option present by default that prevents any kind of malicious software from entering the device system.

Like most other premium security providers, Norton has also upgraded its standards of performance along with scans and various other processes. Moreover, Norton internet security also keeps a constant monitoring of instant messaging and email services for keeping away virus and spyware from the system of the computer.

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