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Norton is one the oldest antivirus software and has achieved top rank in spite of presence of its competitors. The software comes with many features through which it provides protection from different types of attacks. Along with it, the software also provides norton setup uk and backup features. The three versions, which have these features include standard, deluxe, and premium versions. The premium version has all the features like taking backup, parental controls 25 GB free storage space on cloud etc., which are not present in any of the versions of Norton antivirus. One subscription of the premium version can support ten systems running on different operating systems.


Norton maintains a database of different types of threats, which helps in providing security to the system. Here are some of the security features provided by the Norton antivirus. If users find any problem, they can call Norton support

Proactive Exploit Protection

This is a framework that is designed to protect Windows computers from zero day attacks, which have the capability of damaging many Windows programs and also the operating system. PEP starts system protection as soon as it is attacked by such a virus or malicious program.

SONAR Protection

This feature always checks the software running on the system. It has the capability to check whether any software is malicious and if it is so, it removes it. If this feature is disabled, it prompts the user to enable it. If this does not work, users can take the help of Norton support.

Virus removal assurance

The company has given assurance  of removing all types of viruses and threats from the computer or mobile. If users are not happy with the system, the company will refund the money and take back the software without any question. Users must always upgrade the software as soon as any update is released by the company. The company also provides Norton support to help the users to get rid of all kinds of threat.

Two-way firewall

All the three versions come with firewall, which provides protection from unauthorized traffic. The traffic can be inbound or outbound can also be generated by malwares. The firewall helps the users to get protection from spam mails.

Download protection with Insight

Users trust the Norton antivirus as it protects their systems from all types of threats. One such thing that comes with a technology called Insight, which helps to protect many systems present in the network. The software can ignore those files, which are safe and only check the ones, which have problems. This helps in increasing the scanning process.

Automatic update

All the three versions have the feature of automatic live update, which updates the software to check new threats.

Parental control

This feature is available only in the premium version and parents can track the websites which the children have visited. This feature is called Norton Family package, which comes with the premium version and parents can guide the children about internet browsing and the websites that they can visit.

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