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7th February 2019

Security support against the cyber threat

The Internet has become an important part of everyone’s routine but internet contains a lot of virus and cookies that may damage your computer or your mobile phones so there are a lot of antivirus companies who provide security to your PC but NORTON serves since ages and it the oldest name which provides internet security. Moreover, NORTON also offers internet security up to computers at a single time it can be your computer tablets or your mobile phones. It not only provides security to your devices but also serves for your identity. There are a lot of security threats these days and if you are running a business you must have Norton antivirus installed on your device. It provides your device a lot of features as well as it has a color-coded scheme which gives you a signal about any threat. Like if green color appeared it means your device is protected if it is red that means your device is not secured.

 Following are some benefits of Norton security support:

Advanced features: Norton security gives you end to end security whether it is your PC server’s desktops or your mobile phones. It is more than antivirus. It offers you advanced features like True scan Proactive threat scan, protects you from dangers.

Protects from spam emails and ads: you have often seen that, when you use internet different type of ads are appeared on your scan and spam emails also, fill your inbox so Norton gives you security against these spam emails and ads, so you must have Norton security support in the UK on your device.

Protect you from viruses: There is a number of viruses which enter in your device when the internet is in use. Virus-like Trojans, Spyware, and Malware can damage your device heavily. Sometimes they harm your windows so badly that you are forced to reinstall your windows.

Proven technique: Norton is the oldest names in regard to security companies and it the best security support which gives insurance against viruses to your computer. So if you are dealing with any issue regarding data loss or cyber threat must contact Norton.

Suitable for every device: Norton gives security to every device. No matter if you use the internet to run a business or for your personal use Norton is fit for all type of devices it can be a pc or be a mobile phone.

Steps to install Norton security:

Insert the disc and go to the desktop

When the Norton screen opens click on install option

Click next until finish option appears

Read terms and conditions and click on I accept the license agreement.

Now official website of Norton will appear where you have to pre-install scanner screen

After scanning chooses the folder where you want to install your software.

Once the installation is finished restart your device for proper working.

So these are some of the features which Norton offers your device to protect your device from any kind of cyber threat so you must install Norton security on your device.

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